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Paris | VRChat | (PC)

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Paris | VRChat | (PC)

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✧ Paris - R Y N N#1356 ✧

A 3D Model made for VRChat

$5 off code in my Discord Server!

Discord Server

✧ Info and Features ✧

❖ Dynamic Bones (Update Coming Soon!) ❖ Unity 2019.4.29f1 ❖ Write Defaults Off ❖ FBT Support ❖ Poiyomi Toon v7.2.41 ❖ Twist Bones ❖ VR Labs Marker ❖ Organized Project for Easy Navigation ❖ Locomotion by WetCat ❖ Color Swatches (Top, Shorts, Thigh Highs, Sneakers & Hair) ❖ Color Hue Wheel for Eyes

✧ TOS ✧

❖ By purchasing any of my models, you automatically agree to everything listed under TOS

❖ You may NOT redistribute, share the model, resell my model, or re-upload under someone else's account under any circumstances.

❖ You may NOT upload on any websites

❖ No price splitting

❖ Do NOT upload the model as a public

❖ NO claiming any of my models as your own

❖ NO Refunds

❖ If you want any of the assets from my model for use, buy them from the original creators. Do NOT remove any assets for personal or commercial use!!! (Go support the creators with the links provided below, they work hard for what they do!)

❖ You CAN make edits to this model

❖ You CAN use my model for purposes such as Vtubing or social media (Tik Tok, etc.), as long as you DM me to let me know AND give credit to me with a link to my store!!!

✧ What the Download Will Contain ✧

❖ Unity package ‘Paris - Akanienne’ (Has Model with Scene for easy upload)

❖ Unity package for VRCSDK3-AVATAR-2021.

❖ Unity package for PoiyomiToon7.2.41

❖ Unity package for Menu Icons

❖ Unity package for AV3 Manager & VR Labs Marker

❖ TOS document

❖ Credits document

❖ Instructions on how to upload in Unity

✧ Credits ✧

❖ Body: Pandaabear#9873

❖ Body Texture: Uni#1369

❖ Head: Onion#1515

❖ Hair: B o o#8584

❖ Hair Texture, LocomotionFix: WetCat#6969

❖ Outfit *Sweater & Shorts*: Sugs#9795

❖ Thigh Highs: LENNx#1000

❖ Sneakers: Buneskapp#0143

❖ Glasses: Eliza#1337

❖ Shader: poiyomi#0001

❖ Menu Icons: ask_amber#7777

❖ Dynamic Bones: Will Hong

❖ VR Labs Marker, AV3 Manager: oofdesu

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